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Accuphase E-600  



Accuphase E-600

Aiming for the even higher performance level set by separate type amplifiers, the E-600 makes full use of the sophisticated design technology accumulated by Accuphase over the years. Featuring a further refined AAVA type volume control, latest circuit topology, and parts and materials of the highest grade, the E-600 is the non-plus-ultra integrated amplifier imbued with the spirit of the 40th anniversary commemorative models.
AAVA (Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) volume control in the E-600 employs the same high-rigidity volume sensor, extruded from a solid aluminum block and featuring an ultra-massive brass shaft, originally developed for the models C-2820/C-2420. Operating the knob provides an utterly smooth operation feel. Paired with a drastic improvement in S/N ratio through low impedance circuit design, the E-600 takes both performance and build quality to a new level.
The power amplifier block is configured with the latest instrumentation amplifier topology, which enables fully balanced signal transmission throughout. Together with MCS+ and the current feedback amplification principle, this makes for even better electrical characteristics.

Revolutionary AAVA volume control
Output stage with triple parallel push-pull power MOS-FETs
Instrumentation amplifier principle for power amplifier input stage allows fully balanced signal transmission, complemented by MCS+ topology and current feedback amplification circuitry
Logic-control relays for shortest signal paths
Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency transformer and large filtering capacitors
POWER IN button allows separate use of preamplifier and power amplifier sections
Numeric indication of volume level


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