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Spectral DMC-30SS Series 2  



Spectral DMC-30SS Series 2

Experienced enthusiast know that preamplifier quality holds and essential key to sonic performance in today's high-end music systems. Spectral's engineering focus on preamplifier development for over two decades reflects a keen awareness of the major impact this crucial component makes. The DMC-30 reference preamplifier reflects our effort to combine or renowned high-resolution signal amplification technology with innovative control systems for a new level of musical refinement and user convenience. In keeping with its role as the reference heart of the most ambitious music systems, every DMC-30 represents the absolute summit of materials and workmanship. The exhaustive testing and burn-in standards employed by Spectral in its production are unparalleled in the audio industry.

The Spectral DMC-30SS Series 2 Studio Standard Reference Preamplifier

Spectral Audio is a company which was founded on research in high-end preamplifier design and our depth of commitment to the importance of this work runs deep. For this reason, engineering priority has always been placed on development of the most advanced reference preamplifiers possible. The DMC-30 series has occupied a special place among Spectral reference preamps, moving the state-of-the-art steadily forward with a constant evolution of performance innovation and refinement. Now Spectral introduces a new reference preamplifier for the most demanding musical application, the DMC-30SS Series 2 Studio Standard. The DMC-30SS Series 2 Studio Standard combines new technology advances from state-of-the-art recording with extreme precision componentry and micro-detailed layout to again redefine the art of preamplifier design.

In previous DMC-30 generations, emphasis on active amplifier development has resulted in major advances in line section refinement, culminating in the unparalleled performance of the SHHA high-speed output modules. Due to the over-capacity and robust design of the original DMC-30, this unstressed platform has required very little improvement to support ever evolving performance in this area. In the DMC-30SS Series 2, Spectral engineers return to basic issues of foundation infrastructure with a new ‘clear sheet’ systemboard design. The result is a fresh interpretation of the elegant DMC-30 topology implemented with the most uncompromising new power supplies, circuit layout and control elements ever used in an audio preamp.


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