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VPI TNT HRx with JMW-12.7  



Has universal voltage input of 100-240 volts 50Hz or 60Hz with 120volt 60Hz output to the motor. This one model works everywhere in the world as long as it is used with the SDS as intended!
The culmination of a quarter of a century of turntable engineering and manufacturing by one of the most respected names in the world of audio.

Incorporating several refinements that blur the line between master tape and the LP, the new TNT-HR-X is stunning in both sound and industrial design. Includes the JMW 12.7 tonearm with Nordost Valhalla Wiring!

Built on a composite, triple-laminated acrylic and aluminum chassis, a new inverted bearing with a Teflon thrust plate was chosen for its frictionless performance and immunity to wear. A radical outer-periphery record clamp flattens the LP to the acrylic platter without the complexity and problems associated with vacuum systems.

Designed for ultimate analog LP playback, the TNT HR-X incorporates an integrated dual motor drive and flywheel to allow a footprint of only 25in by 19in. And the chassis’ air suspension will reject 98% of acoustic feedback in real world conditions without additional and elaborate isolation platforms.

VPI's Synchronous Drive System (included) provides accurate speed control (for both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM operation, 78 RPM available at additional cost) and power line filtration in a single package. All of this results in rumble, wow and flutter specifications below the limits of current measuring equipment.

Includes VPI's Aluminum Platter for superior sound! The HRX Aluminum weighs in at a hefty 30 pounds which will give you a quieter background, better speed regulation, deeper, tighter bass and improved soundstaging and dynamics.

A celebration of the art of analog, the TNT HR-X comes complete with a JMW-12.7 tonearm with Nordost Vahalla wire, SDS Synchronous Drive System, Periphery Ring Clamp and Center Record Weight.

JMW-12.7 tonearm with Nordost Valhalla wire:
Notice all the companies coming out with 12” tonearms now – they are 10 years behind the curve. VPI has a decade of experience designing and building 12” arms and we know what makes them work and what doesn’t. The time finally came for VPI to incorporate all its knowledge of tonearm construction and come up with one state of the art design. The 12.7 is the end result of a search for a tonearm that met these criteria:

• A machined tapered arm tube for minimum standing waves in the arm wand and maximum rigidity with low mass.
• Fully adjustable in all parameters to optimize your results from any cartridge.
• Totally rigid mounting system that literally becomes part of the turntable chassis.
• Universal cartridge compatibility with stylus resonances in the 9 to 11 HZ range.
• The best Nordost Valhalla wire.
• Adjustable fluid damping for optimal cartridge compatibility.


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