McIntosh RS-100

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Magnum Dynalab MD-100  



Features & Benefits:

Dual, keyed automatic gain control (AGC) - Monitors and maintains program signal level and clarity, along with providing a dramatic reduction in interference from strong, local stations.
BW 1/ BW 2 bandwidth control - Switchable to effectively control annoying sideband interference.
Mute circuit - noise-activated with manual defeat switch.
Auto Blend RF circuit - automatically monitors and varies stereo separation insuring optimal 'stereo quieting' during your listening sessions.
Stereo/Mono Mode - User switchable.
Digital frequency display - Independent frequency counter derives input from tuner's local oscillator section and displays in soft, amber 0.5' LED numerals.
Balanced Outputs - allows Felxibility in system design
Precision Flywheel Tuning - gives accuracy and ease of tuning.
Specialty Capacitors in Analog Section - insures total frequency response.
WBT unbalanced RCA output connectors - low tolerance connector made of highly ductile 'OFC' copper, 24 carat gold-plated; insures a solid contact for interconnects.

Usable sensitivity (mono): 10.3dBf
Usable sensitivity (stereo): 11.2dBf
50dB quieting sensitivity (mono): 13.2dBf
50dB quieting sensitivity (stereo): 34.0dBf
Alternate channel attenuation (wide): >60dB
Alternate channel attenuation (narrow): >80dB
Adjacent channel attenuation (wide): 12.0dB
Adjacent channel attenuation (narrow): 30.0dB
Audio frequency response (+/- 1dB): 10Hz - 17.5Khz
THD (mono): 0.10%
THD (stereo): 0.18%
Capture ratio: >1.5dB
AM suppression: -70.0dB
Image rejection: 75.0dB
Signal to Noise ratio (SNR): 80.0dB
Stereo separation: 50.0dB
SCA rejection: -75.0dB
19 & 38 KHz rejection: -70.0dB
Audio outputs (@100% modulation): 1 volt
Balanced audio outputs: 600 ohms
Power required: 120Vac *@ 20 watts (max)
Dimensions (O.A.): 19" (w) x 13" (d) x 4.25" (h)
Weight: 15 lbs


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