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Shunyata ZiTron Cobra   



Shunyata ZiTron Cobra Speaker Cables

Reference-Quality Speaker Cables at a Real-World Price

The Shunyata ZiTron Cobra speaker cables represent a new industry standard in price-to-performance ratio. Cobra's performance challenges the highest priced cables in the world, yet Shunyata chose to price these cables without the retail markups common among many cable manufacturers. Why? So that for the first time, industry professionals, dealers and customers can actually afford and appreciate state-of-the-art performance from cable systems without paying for ridiculous add-ons or inflated retail pricing. Shunyata has decided to buck the common "no-price-is-too-high" trend by setting prices for US-made cable products as low as possible. One listen to Cobra speaker cables and you will immediately understand why they demonstrate measurably improved soundstage, imaging, and square-wave response. Rarely before has there been a cable this good for a price so low.

The complete Cobra system, including signal, speaker and power cords are the finest performing, lowest priced "Reference" quality products that Shunyata has ever produced. The Cobra contains a technology that has transformative properties when applied to any recording, home entertainment, or high-performance music system. This means that when applied as a system and broken in, for 3 days, the all-cable system will deliver performance eclipsing the world's most expensive cable systems. They will do this at a fraction of the usual five-figure price tags.

Shunyata Speaker Cables ship standard with Shunyata’s proprietary STIS Multi-Spades. These ingenious spades work with the vast majority of binding posts and are part of Shunyata’s STIS swappable connector system. Shunyata offers other configurations via STIS (e.g. Bananas, 6mm spades, or 8mm spades), which may be purchased separately.


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